telefind.me logos

Current subscribers of telefind.me services may use the following resources and telefind.me name, brand and logos to promote their telefind.me page, subject to the conditions for use below. Click on the images for a full-size version.



Use of logos, brands and names - conditions

The telefind.me name, telelist.me name, and related brands and logos are asserted as being trademarks of Notanant Limited.

The telefind.me logo can be used to promote pages with a valid subscription at telefind.me only on the web, in emails or on publicity material. It may not be used to promote any illegal or immoral activity and cannot be used to infer or imply endorsement of any type. Permission to use the logo, brand or name may be withheld from individuals or groups at our discretion.

The telefind.me logo may be displayed in different sizes and colours. The standard colours are black on white, or white on black (reversed). The black or white parts of the logo in entirety may each be swapped with an alternate solid colour (no transparency, gradients or other images may be used)

In use, you must maintain the proportions of the logo as here, and the positioning relationship of the different elements of the logo must be maintained without distortion of any type.

The logo must retain the word 'telefind.me'

No other visual element may touch or enter into the space of the logo with a minimum clear space of 5% of the width and height of the logo all around.

No other element may be visible or overlaid on top of the logo